Our coffees are sourced from small farms located in traditionally inaccessible regions, who, without a collaborative approach from ethical trading partners, would have little access to infrastructure or protection from exploitation.

We roast our coffee a little lighter than mass produced coffees, so we can showcase the unique flavours that each variety, each region and each farm produce. We believe that uniform dark roasting, so seductively marketed in the 1980s, destroys the coffees individuality and can mask faults present within the beans.

We’ve aligned our purchasing policy with our values, and we partner with likeminded merchants so that we can ensure you will receive exciting, ethical and high-quality coffees. We buy coffees at prices set above the Fair-Trade rate, supporting a sustainable future for speciality coffee growers.

By engaging with supply chain, every green coffee purchasing decision we make is about sustainability, quality & respect.

As one of our green coffee Merchants put it:

“Without values, business is just about profit”