Waking up the world with sustainable coffee

Great Coffee, by Good Folk for Good Folks

We want the world to wake up with sustainable coffee.
We use small farms, we support sustainability and we love exceptional coffee.

We want you to know where your coffee comes from and to feel good about it.

We source, roast and deliver to your door. We also supply speciality coffee to cafés delis and fine grocers.

We only work with people who share our values, inspire us and promote sustainability.

These relationships are what make up GOOD FOLK coffee.

Get involved, browse our shop, send a gift or open a subscription.

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We offer great coffees following the seasonal harvests and selecting the beans we love from the farms and folk we adore. All our coffees are available as bean or ground and are roasted to order.


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What is Speciality Coffee?

What is Speciality Coffee?

All green (unroasted) coffees are graded on a globally recognised scale of 0 -100 To be classed as a speciality the coffee must achieve a...